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Right Fit: Translate business strategy, technology infrastructure, staffing & financial requirements into a unique solution that optimizes performance and return-on-investment.

TCO/ROI: Five-step plan to lower total cost of ownership and accelerate return on investment with options for consumption models, capital and operating expense financing, to meet budget requirements.

Infrastructure & Storage

Infrastructure Assessment – Improve performance and realize cost-savings through a comprehensive understanding of the efficacy of your current environment and a plan for improvement.

Assess current/future infrastructure – Monitor storage, servers, virtualization, and networking for transformation to Modern IT.

SAN & Storage Health Check – Review current configuration health to determine recommendations for hardware, software and firmware updates.

Performance Analysis – Collect normal & peak workload & performance stats to identify best options moving forward.

Portfolio Optimization — Determine optimal application venues and configurations.

Disaster Recovery/Replication – Maintain critical functions with the ability to replicate & retrieve data without downtime.

Data Migration – Leverage existing software to move data to/from OEM or 3rd party storage systems.

Backup – Implement a comprehensive backup strategy to protect your data wherever it resides.


Security Threat Assessment — Pinpoint vulnerabilities and strategies to protect your data and technology operations.

Cloud Security — Secure, public cloud-hosted applications & data on AWS and Azure.

Email Safety — Powerful solutions for email, archiving, e-discovery & compliance.

Deployment — Implement proven solutions to protect your infrastructure, detect and avert threats – including monitoring & analytics, Office365, malware protection and firewall technologies.

Cloud Enablement

Assessment — Match your application portfolio, workloads, user demographics, service levels, and security requirements… to the best-fit solution of on-premise, off-premise and hybrid cloud deployments.

Hybrid IT Blueprint — Maximize the value of your IT investments using historical & industry benchmarks.

Portfolio Optimization — Determine best venues and optimal configurations for your applications.

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